What SEO means in simple words

In a modern, continuously developing world it is difficult to follow trends in any industry. It is necessary to be open to everything new and useful, so you won’t stay out of the way and keep pace with the times.

To strengthen positions in a competitive market, you should use all marketing opportunities including SEO. Today we explain the principles of the work of SEO agencies in simple words, so you won’t regret investing in website promotion.

SEO in simple words

Website development

Let’s analyze what is SEO-promotion of the site by using a simple example. Imagine grandma Jane. She has already worked at the company and retired, but the entrepreneurial veins prevent her from sleeping peacefully at night and nurse her grandchildren. So she wants to do business.

She has a garden where she grows onions. Once she decided to sell it on the market so that she does not spoil it in the refrigerator. Coming to the market, Jane falls into a stupor. Thousands of shopkeepers beckon customers and all have a fresh onion. What to do? Smart and caring grandson and programmer John advises her to create a website in order to find customers and increase sales.

After John developed a website, grandma is unhappy because there are no visitors. After reflections and searches, she learns that it’s not enough just to create a website, it should be visible to future buyers in the search engines. So she decides to contact the SEO agency.

Attracting users

When she comes to the agency, SEO specialists clearly and politely explain to her that after website development, they should promote it. So they:

  • fill it with optimized content;
  • correct errors;
  • bring it to the top of search engines;
  • register it in catalogues and etc.

They spend many time in order to make website noticed by search engine and then by a potential customer. Because the main goal of each advertisement is to cause attention.

The workers she hired worked hard on her site and the visitors began to appear.

SEO optimization is not a fast process, it requires careful and monotonous work. Modern search engines monitor website promotion, so don’t save on optimization services, if you don’t want your site to fall under the filter in the future and begin to lose its positions.

Results of work

In conclusion the site of grandma Jane began to be noticed by a great number of visitors. The conversion was adjusted and the monthly turnover of clients was about 1000 people. She was not afraid to come to the market and began to successfully sell onions, because her client base began to work, thanks to the high-quality SEO optimization.