How do search engines work?

The Internet makes it possible to access millions of terabytes of information in one click. As soon as we ask the question in the search engine, we immediately get a clear answer. No one is surprised that the search engine knows what we need. Such an effect is achieved with the help of complex algorithms embedded in the system. They greatly simplify information search for the user, but complicate the work of SEO optimization specialists.

The most popular search engine is Google. In this article we explain how it works and what SEO can do in that matter.

Basic principles of the search engine operation

1. Indexing

After creating the site and filling it with content, the site will be indexed.

Indexing in search engines (web indexing) is the process of adding information (about a site) by a search engine robot to a database, which is subsequently used for (full-text) search of information on indexed sites.

To make this stage go smoothly, you need to monitor the information posted on the site. If the search robot doesn’t like the content (unoriginal text, service pages), then the site will fall into the ban and it will remain invisible to the search engines.

2. Range

The user receives a list of answers after querying the information in the search engine. SEO specialists responsible for the position of the website in search engine. Their goal is to display the website page in the top of search queries.

The process of ranking of the site is affected by many factors. Approximate figures: there are about 200 factors in Google. No one knows the exact list, because the developers of the algorithm keep it a secret, but by common indicators they can be divided into:

  • External – количество и качество сайтов, ссылающихся на вашу страницу. quantity and quality of the websites referencing your page
  • Internal – quality of the existing content, its uniqueness and design.
  • Behavioral – the behavior of users on the page, the number of referrals by internal links and the total time spent on the site.

During manipulations with the rating, the site can get under the filter. This will send the site to the bottom of the search engines and bringing it to the top once again will be difficult and long. We advise you to choose high-quality specialists to work on your site.


Google developers are constantly improving the algorithm of search engines for a qualitative selection of answers to search terms. Website promotion is a complex and a time-consuming process, therefore we strongly do not recommend saving money for the quality optimization of your site for search engines.