Promotion of catalogue site Slavbelstroy

Service: SEO promotion with subscription fee

Theme of the project: supplies of building materials for waterproofing and sealing


The company offers cooperation in the supply of building materials for waterproofing and sealing. Our company decided to increase the visibility of the site in organic search, to increase its search traffic and conversion rate.

History of promotion

When website came into our hands, it was old and had a huge number of errors. It was not ready for SEO promotion. Today we can say that this was one of the most interesting cases in our practice. But, as they say, you never know what you can do till you try!

It was necessary to perform a complete redesign of the site, update the CMS-system and still not lose the current positions. After all, the respectable “age” of the site allowed it to be in the TOP for many queries.

Task number 1 – to make a semantic core for a site of narrow topics. Of course, none of us was familiar with waterproofing materials. During the collection of the semantic core, we studied everything. Do you know what a hydrostar is? No? But we already know it!

After collecting the semantic core, we realized that the current structure is incorrect. But how to update it and at the same time keep the old positions? The solution is to map each old non-SEO url to a new one and configure a 301 redirect. Oh, it was hot!

And now, redirects are configured, the site is updated. You could rest and go on fighting! All internal optimization has been completed, meta-tags are registered, https is configured.

The site is updated, open for indexing. But how will the search engines react to such a sharp step? At first it was very stormy, for a few updates it could be either 3rd or 87th in search results. All this time our team kept a hand on the pulse and constantly corrected or supplemented something. A month later the site was restored and the positions began to grow steadily.

This case shows that you shouldn’t be afraid to update your site if it was written 100 years ago and no longer suits any redesign and promotion. Don’t be afraid to put a https certificate on it. If you make a competent transfer, then you won’t lose your positions, but only increase them.

What can we say about this project now? The growth of the positions of this site can not be stopped, all the work done on it now is paying off.

But SEO is an endless story, because the search engines do not forgive interruptions.

What we got

Results of work
  • Search engine traffic
  • Direct traffic
  • Internal traffic
  • Link traffic

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