Lumber online store in Vitebsk

Service: SEO promotion of a young online store with subscription fee

Theme of the project: sale of lumber by brand “Velskiy Les”


Company shop “Budynak” sells lumber in Vitebsk by brand “Velskiy Les”. The lumber of this brand is characterized by high physical and aesthetic properties. Our company decided to increase the visibility of the site in organic search and its search traffic.

Right after the development stage, the site came to us for further promotion. After the SEO audit, we identified some problems:

Site was under the filter

Weak conversion rate

Great number of technical errors

No set up for site’s indexing

Old site design

Our goals

Despite all the disadvantages, the site had high commercial potential, a wide catalogue of production offered and a large number of growth zones in SEO promotion.

Increase of website attendance

Growth of website's conversion percent

Growth of positions

To eliminate all problems of the site, our company carried out the following works

  • carrying out a technical audit

  • development of a new website design

  • set up of a server responses

  • updated site maps are generated

  • customization of directives of search engines

  • minimization of duplicated pages

  • increase of website load speed

  • compiling the semantic core

  • extension of website structure using semantic core

  • the site is registered in the main regional catalogs with business and enterprise subjects

  • site is filled with content (blogging, writing SEO texts on promoted pages)

  • generation of meta tags and headlines with the inclusion of commercial search phrases

  • microdata for catalogue, product and blog pages

What we got

Results of work
  • Search engine traffic
  • Direct traffic
  • Link traffic
  • Internal traffic

Feedack about our work from client

Our site got to SeoBY in a terrible state. It was not optimized and was under the filter. Employees of SeoBY redesigned our site, carried out works to get it out from under the filter and were engaged in promotion in the search engines. Thanks SeoBY for your support and efficient work on the site.

Oksana Zaharova, director of Velskiy Les

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