SEO article

In previous articles in our blog you often saw word «SEO text». Today we explain what it means and why it is so important to monitor quality of information in your website.
SEO optimized article

What does SEO article mean?

To pass the indexing and ranking of the site it is necessary to fill it with quality content. Information on the site should not only be understandable to the user, but also acceptable for search algorithms. SEO optimized text synthesizes readability and following of optimization rules. SEO agency hires workers to write a large number of optimized texts and monitors the quality of the performed work.

How should you write optimized articles?

To write the correct article on the site, you can not write text that is only for search engines. A copywriter must follow the rules, but also don’t forget that he writes for real users in the first place.
In order to write SEO article you should follow thеsе rules:

  1. Do not fill the site with non-unique material! If the search engine detects plagiarism on the site, it will immediately be banned.
  2. Expand your topic. It’s not enough to just write keywords many times in a row. Your text should answer user’s questions just like any other.

Keywords are search queries by target audience. For example, if a user wants to buy an iron, then in the search bar he will input «buy Philips iron». Therefore, the keywords in this case will be «buy», «iron», «Philips».

  1. Use headings. Search engines pay great attention to the presence of keywords in the headlines.
  2. Structuring the text. To ensure that the article does not look like a solid text, you need to use lists and tables. Search algorithms also pay attention to their presence.

Writing SEO text requires a responsible approach, a knowledge base and great care. Entrust writing content for your site to professionals, so your funds for website promotion will not be wasted.